Social Media Strategies to Connect with Your Customers in 2021 -

Social Media Strategies to Connect with Your Customers in 2021

Social Media Strategies to Connect with Your Customers in 2021

Customer experience is the top priority for organizations in 2021. Today’s consumers often base their perception of a company or brand on the various meaningful instants that they have with that brand/company. And those instants don’t simply happen at just the service line or the checkout page. Social media has quickly emerged as a critical touchpoint in helping build and maintain customer relationships.

When used correctly, a companies’ social media channels can be more than just a means for your customers to post complaints. They can be a means for your brand to build brand loyalty and lasting connections.

So, here’s how you can start developing rich relationships and connections with your customers through social media:

  1. Listen before you start talking

Building great customer relationships and connections is all about being able to deliver value to your existing and potential customers/followers.

If you are able to provide informative, entertaining, or helpful content, then people would surely want to connect with your brand or social media channel. Unfortunately though, there are yet a lot of brands that choose the “what’s in social media for me” approach. If you are getting started to flip the script, then you should start by listening to your followers and target audience first.

2. Respond quickly

Listening to your target audience is only the first step. You would be required to respond to what your listen to as well.

Studies suggest, 33 percent of customers online expect to get a response within only 30 minutes. When you fail to address your customers’ and followers’ concerns fast enough, you will soon get to see their anger spread across the social media. Fortunately, there are many tools you can use that can help you respond to each and every message that comes your way.

3. Personalize conversations

While responding swiftly is critical, a standard automated reply might not always be enough. Chat bots could help show your customers that you really care about their needs and problems, but only when you are able to follow up the same chat with human correspondence soon thereafter.

Social media is a very intimate way of connecting with your audience. It is where your customers interact with their family and friends too. people expect that their discussion with brands to be as comfortable as it is when they message a friend or family member.

This is why embracing personalization is so important for brands that are trying to build customer relationships on social media channels. When you are talking with your customer directly:

  • Always use their first name whenever possible
  • Be friendly with them and let them know that you are there for them
  • Sign of on the comments with your brand/company name or team name

After the conversation is over, you must make sure that you let your customers know that you aren’t going anywhere. They should be feeling happy knowing that they contacted you.

Social media is just the perfect destination to start building customer relationships and connections. It is environments that is naturally intimate, where everyone can celebrate their need to share.