MYPOS is a complete point of sale software to manage your daily restaurant operations

Digital Menu

Keep track of your restaurant stock consumption, save recipes & control pilferage through ERPNext


Record your daily expenses & cash credits to get an accurate picture of your ledger

Digital Signage

Collect & store customer details & order history and engage them by integrating POS with any CRM like ERPNext

On My Way Logistics

Touch-screen compatibility ensures your POS restaurant software works on desktops as well as tablets

Waiter Ordering App

Stored both locally & on the cloud, your customer data, transactions, recipes are safe & secure

Kitchen View

Generate actionable reports on the fly for your restaurant's inventory, transactions, ledger, customers and the likes

Recipe Management

Generate actionable reports on the fly for your restaurant's inventory, transactions, ledger, customers and the likes

Designed for developers.
Built for business.

From quick order punching to reporting,
our Restaurant POS takes care of everything

User-Friendly Design

Simple, clutter-free design ensures enhanced user experience so that you can focus on tasks that matter - your food & your services.

Easy to Set Up

Just install, login and our Restaurant management POS system will be up & running. All you need is a Windows/Linux/Mac system to run it.

Offline First

Our offline mode ensures that your restaurant POS software will always be up & running even if there is no internet. You just need to use our Mobile Apps to place orders.

Access Globally

MYPOS is a cloud based restaurant POS system, so you can use it on Mobile, Tablet or Laptop.

Regular Updates

Regular updates on Latest trends in the Market which can help in growing your business and multiplying your outreach many-fold.

Easily Integrate

Integrated with ERPNext to access CRM for your customer leads, Payroll of your employees,and many more.

Best Features - Highlights

Start getting orders directly on your portal with your restaurant's own online ordering portal.


Digital Ordering

Your customers and waiters can place orders using our Android and iOS applications online or offline.

Menu Management

You can design menu for your restaurant category wise with addons and Combo Meals. The digital menu enhances the users' experience.

Table Management

Occupied tables and free tables can be easily identified within the software. Customers can change tables or split tables and MYPOS will handle it aesthetically.

Kitchen Display

Kitchen Screen shows the Chef what order is placed for which table. Touch-screen designed to mark each order as ready to serve.

Cloud Based POS for Managing your Restaurant

Automate your restaurant operations & manage your business efficiently!

Crisp and quick billing

Simplicity and speed are our top priorities. We want to make sure that you can manage your outlet easily, and hardly spend any time to train your staff.

Prevent Inventory and Recipe

You can create multiple inventories and manage recipes. Get stock alerts, do transfers and track wastage. The consumption report helps in identifying pilferage and incorrect recipe implementation.

Business Intelligence

Simple and actionable reports to manage your day to day operations smoothly. Real-time dashboards with many more MIS reports for quick decision making, understanding trends & optimizing the operations.

ERPNext Integration

MYPOS is integrated with ERPNext to reduce the limitations of ERPNext inbuilt POS. You can manage Items, Menu, Customers in ERPNext and sync with MYPOS. Then sync the orders with Sales Invoices in ERPNext.

Customer Management

Manage your entire customer database centrally. Distribute customer data based on their ordering history and profile. Understand your customers’ preferences and run personalized marketing campaigns.