SMARTPOS is built for small businesses like you.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Inventory Management

Do whole or partial inventory counts and stay up to date with Email Inventory alerts and warnings.

Delivery Management

Easily Record and Track Shipments with each Sales Transaction.

Series Items

You can sell a package of items that are redeemed over time such as a service package

Cash Management

Easily track cash that is in the register and manage credits and debits within the register. Reports are available to easily track shortages and overages.

Item Variations

Create different sizes, colors, or any attributes you define for your items. You can track inventory down to the variation and even have different prices per variation.

Purchase Orders

Create automatic purchase orders based on reorder and replenish levels and automate emails to your supplier with the order list.

Track Appointments

Easily Record and Track Appointments for customers. View appointments in a monthly, weekly, and daily calendar.

Payment Options

In addition to Integrated Credit Card, EBT/EBT Processing, Cash, Check, Gift cards you can define your own custom payment methods.

Internal Messaging

Send messages and announcements to all of your employees and they will see them when they log in.

Custom Receipts

Easily customize your receipts to match what you need for your business. With 20 different configuration options for generating your receipts, you can customize as per your need.

Serial Numbers

You can now manage items with serial numbers and optionally you can also assign different prices depending on the serial number.

Tier Pricing

Set different price levels for your items. An example would be a wholesale tier. You can assign a customer to a tier so you can ensure they always get the right price!

Designed for developers.
Built for business.

Meet the most versatile POS system for unifying your in-store and online sales.
Delight customers at every touchpoint and win back time to focus on what matters most to your business.

Cross Browser & Responsive

The application works in any browser, any operating system and any device.


We have an API for custom development with SMARTPOS. This allows for extensive customizations and work flows

Reduce Complexity

Access and manage your books from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose as it is cloud based.

Access Globally

The POS system is designed for any device - laptop, mobile, iPad. Access it in offline mode and sync between devices when you connect to internet

Fast Employee On-Boarding

Our system is intuitive and needs very little training thus ensuring the productivity of employees from day one

Email Marketing & Review Management

Keep in touch with your customers through our in-built mail systems like mailchimp, BlueJay Reviews, & Platform.ly integrations.

Some of the best features

Retail Software Solutions to make your Business Awesome


Coupons & Promotions

Create Coupons for Specific Deals or other Promotions and Print them on Customer receipts. For example "Buy One Get One" or "Spend $100 get 50% Off"

Gift Cards

Sell and redeem gift cards in our system. You can print gift cards from our partner plastic printers or use a company of your choosing.


Track employee commissions easily down to the item level. Very flexible on how commissions can be applied

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create Loyalty programs to keep you customers coming back. Choose between 2 different types of loyalty programs to offer your customers.

One point for every sale


Get comprehensive insights into your business with more than 40 detailed reports designed for you

Transfer Stock
Transfer Stock

Easily transfer inventory between locations via our receiving module thus making transfers a breeze

Multiple Locations
Multiple Locations

Designed so you can easily add store locations as your business requirements change.

Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages

SMARTPOS is designed to support multiple languages - currently supporting 11 major languages

Our Awesome Features

Take control of your retail experience
with tools that help you manage every part of your business.

Currency Exchange

Easily Accept any Currency Denomination While making a Sale or Return.

Barcode Label Printing

Create barcode labels for your products when they arrive in your store or on demand.

Email Receipts

Set up SMARTPOS to send receipts, invoices, and purchase orders to customers and suppliers via Email.

Store Accounts

Utilize our Store Accounts feature which is a line of credit for your customers and Suppliers.

ERPNext Integration

SMARTPOS is integrated with ERPNext to reduce the limitations of ERPNext inbuilt POS. You can manage Items, Customers in ERPNext and sync with SMARTPOS. Also sync the orders with Sales Invoices in ERPNext.

Ecommerce and Quickbooks Integration

Easily sync inventory, item images, categories and tags with a WooCommerce web store. Sync all your data to QuickBooks online with ease for accounting.


Easily create sales that can be paid over time via our suspended sale module. You can report on how much is owed on outstanding layaways and easily add payments as they are paid.

Customer Facing Display

Use a 2nd monitor or tablet to have a customer see the sale as it happens! This allows your customers to ensure the sale is correct.